Jamia Riyadhul Jannah has become a prominent centre for the youth to engage in. It is important the youth  today have the knowledge and foundation of Islam, in order to be aware of current events taking place around the world. The following classes are available:
Quran Nazra and Hifz Classes
  • Monday to Thursday: 5;30pm – 7:30pm
Youth Development Course:
Instructed by Sheikh Mohamed
  • Friday 6pm
  • Saturday 2pm to 3:30pm
  • This course covers – Islamic Education and Formative Guidance, Intro to Islam – Iman – Ihsan, Basics of Worship, Propriety and Discipline

Imamah Course:

  • A series of courses geared to train upcoming Imams with a focus of Friday prayers, Foundations of Fiqh, Tawhid – Tazkiyah – Speech Prep